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MMZ Silage v 1.0 [SP]
Here is a Silage for euern yard. The trailer is Iedeal suitable for older and smaller farms! I have worked at some of the texture! I hope you like it! I’m not the Urmodder I have only edited the trailer! Credits: happyfunny21 [...]

Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 v 1.0 [MP]
This is a livestock trailer, LS11 Mod by * Bandit * I have converted with permission for LS13, in addition, he was converted to the transport of pigs. This trailer can be of the pig, the pig to a retail outlet transporting and unload. It has space for 25 pigs purchased in the store with 14500 Daily maintenance costs of € 8. Credits: Marhu [...]

Oehler ZDK 120B Final v 1.0 [MP]
Hello LS friends. Here I offer you the Oehler ZDK_120_B in Final revised version. He should be on any error free now. What was done: Fixed texture error Weight slightly increased (tilted slightly to the side when loaded) Added overlay scheme Folder generally tidy little Replaced all the old-shader with the current shader -Logfehlerfrei Functions: Animated adaptation of the dolly on the floor -WheelParticleSystem Lighting V31 Animated, folding side frame with key N & M Ballenattacher via manual button-X Hope you like it Credits: Urmooder: biga88 Konventiert zu LS2013: Ubi 123 [...]

Camara v 1.1 [MP]
Trailer for loading packages manually. This brand of trailers are manufactured in Spain. Specifications: Weight Zip …… 462KB 3D weight …….. 2.6KB Hope you like and enjoy it. Credits: Luis Escarabajosa [...]

Guarantor VE 8000 v 0.1 Beta [MP]
Hello guys here is the standard small barrel which I modified slightly. Please note that there is still a beta is the texture which unfortunately is something Pixelbrei is probably still being revised in the next version. For proposals for a V2 please drop me a PM! Thanks to Agrotron 155 for the tires very nice Changelog: Beta 0.1 Revised texture -New tires New-particle system Credits: Reifen: Agrotron155 Modell: Giants Textur: Giants BauerB Ingame: BauerB [...]

Kroeger SRB35 v 1.0 [MP]
Hello all together On request of a user, I have a trailer for the channel Andres Map V2.7 for you. Allso I have made myself time to search and lo and behold I found a trailer for something that comes into question. ‘ve Caught up with the release of the trailer, and they also get allso. You wonder what you can store everything so easily All standard fruits, millet, oats, rye, sunflower, green wheat, tomatoes and cucumbers. As far as I could test it, he is correct. SO now but well of many words, wish you much fun with it. Credits: Ifkonator [...]